The project Intelligent personalization and flexibility systems to improve the quality of Virtual Higher Education in Latin America (YACHAY) aims to create and test an intelligent system of profiles and portable portfolios for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), which facilitate the implementation of the 21st century educational requirements of flexibility, personalization, credentialing, and inclusion; in synergy with the business network.

This formation of partners has an innovative value since it implies collaboration between teaching professionals, researchers and managers of various disciplinary fields with research and projects developed; unites the efforts of universities that, despite their similarities, have diversity of management systems, students and culture in their university community, so that the results that come from the project have a better probability of having an ecological validity applicable to other Latin American contexts.

Likewise, cooperating entities from the business sector, civil society and public administration participate: the Sidar Foundation – Universal Access, the National Industry Society – Junín Regional Headquarters, Kipu Llaxta Psycho-Inclusive Association, Yachapanacuy TEC, Educational services, promotion and support rural – SEPAR, Fundación Creática Free and the Common Space for Higher Education Online for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECESELI); but the project invites the participation of all those who want to join to achieve the objective of improving the quality of university education by offering a truly inclusive and customizable education.