Logo Universidad de Guadalajara

The University of Guadalajara is structured as a University Network covering the entire territory of the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It is a worthy, public, secular and autonomous institution, with social commitment and international vocation; that satisfies the educational needs of high school and higher education, focusing its development on achieving maximum quality and relevance.
It promotes scientific and technological research, as well as linkage and extension to influence the sustainable and inclusive development of society. It is respectful of cultural diversity, honors humanist principles, equity, social justice, democratic coexistence and collective prosperity.
It is a University Network with global recognition and prestige, inclusive, flexible and dynamic. It is a leader in transformations and promoter of social mobility. Promotes innovative approaches to teaching-learning and the generation of knowledge for the benefit of society.


María Elena Chan Nuñez

E-mail: elena.chan@virtual.udg.mx