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UNSAM is located in the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires and is part of the system of national universities of the Argentine Republic. The 2016-2022 Institutional Strategic Plan aims to consolidate the University as a research institution and reference in innovation, development and technological transfer with economic and social impact on its environment, through entrepreneurship and interaction with the public and private sectors.

The Plan establishes as a vision an enriching educational process that is nourished by the diversity of life experiences. Among its strategic lines, the need to promote access to training, ensure orientation and encourage the graduation of its students stands out. In order to educational inclusion, improving academic performance is a challenge for the design of actions and policies with the objective of implementing curricular innovations in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training, promoting criteria of relevance, excellence and associativity and strengthening the sustained development of the academic body, promoting its evaluation and improvement.

On the other hand, it is proposed to inter-institutionally articulate projects with foreign universities, making internationalization a fundamental strategic line of the Plan.

Consequently, the Yachay Project contributes to putting into practice some objectives of the Strategic Plan: internationalization, the use of new technological tools in training processes and the adaptation of teaching practices and university management systems to consolidate itself as a hub cultural with local, regional and international impact and, above all, contribute to designing, generating tools and implementing policies of flexibility, personalization, credentialing and inclusion that ensure quality, equity, accessibility and democratization with projection in the national university system.


Valeria Andrea Pattacini

E-mail: vpattacini@unsam.edu.ar